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HP Pro

Every day at work over 22 million people are exposed to noise that is potentially damaging to their hearing. How many times have you thought about hearing protection after exposure to loud noise like concerts, hunting, shooting sports, or racing? the best way to prevent hearing loss is to protect yourself BEFORE the activity. For people with little to no hearing loss, filtered earplugs are a great choice. These devices block out harmful noise over 80 db while also allowing you to hear and understand speech.

Trans Pro

 The Trans Pro uses the most advanced digital amplification technology on the market to amplify very quiet sounds while also compressing dangerously loud noise. The device performs these tasks almost instantaneously, allowing for both normal communication and hearing protection. This safety system for your ears delivers clear HD quality sound in a device smaller than a penny and is customized for each individual user.

Hearing Pro

Starkey hearing aids open a whole world of sound for better hearing. We offer high quality devices that are wireless, digital, and compatible with your smart phone. These custom products include almost invisible in ear receivers and over the ear models. These hearing devices allow you to communicate with your loved ones and maintain an active lifestyle.