Hearing Products

Hearing loss doesn’t have to go untreated. At Professional Hearing Health Group, our physician will guarantee that you’ll find the right style and type of hearing aid that fits your needs.

Hearing loss should not go untreated. Hearing loss prevention and treatment hearing loss is the most common occupational illness in the United States, with over 10 million people suffering from irreversible hearing damage due to noise. 40 million people are exposed to dangerous noise levels every day.


Professional Hearing Health Group LLC products a wide variety of products and accessories that will fit your everyday needs. Our top manufacturers includes the following:


Starkey products provide the best intelligent and life-changing benefits to improve health and wellness. This product will increase the quality of what you hear while filtering out the sounds you don’t want to hear.


Oticon is one of the best-known companies in the market. A revolutionary product that is designed to work like your brain by providing 30% more sound to the brain. We provide our patients with many Oticon options.


Phonak is suitable for patients with mild to severe hearing loss. Phonak provides the crisp natural sound while allowing you to connect them to your smart devices. Professional Hearing Health Group provides a large variety of options to fit anyone’s needs.

Resound GN

Resound GN is a customizable and flexible hearing aid that provides innovative solutions to hearing needs. Resound comes with a variety of sleek designs while delivering sound using your own ears.

Unitron Connect

Unitron Devices are compatible with most bluetooth compatible iPhones and Androids. Noteable features include frequency compression, tinnitus masking, the FLEX ecosystem, and compatibility with Unitron’s uControl app.


Signia provides key features that will take your hearing to the next level. Features include Bluetooth streaming, charge on the go, AI Digital assistance, and Instant Fit. With Signia Active you never have to sacrifice comfort for style.